Always learning, excited by dreaming, constantly changing. I try to live a life that fills me with happiness, stimulates all my senses, and challenges me to push my boundaries. Connecting with nature brings a calmness to my entire being. Connecting with other humans brings a brightness and joy to my heart. Moments, sensations, experiences in my life; monumental ones equally with almost seemingly insignificant ones; halt me and overwhelm me with gratitude.

Lisa is my given name, but many know me as Pinky which was given to me as my "trail name" when I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2011. I answer to both names but often find myself going by Pinky in most aspects of my life now. I lived in Napa, California most of my life and spent more than the first decade of adulthood living a fairly "typical" lifestyle... homeowner, wedding and event planner for twelve years, married with two cats, owning several cars, and many belongings and toys, finding time to travel and play when work and life obligations would allow. At the age of 32 I backpacked the Pacific Crest Trail; a 2650 mile trail that runs through California, Oregon and Washington. This seven month journey in the woods changed my life completely. I realized that all I really needed in life to be happy was time. Time to enjoy all of the magical moments that life provides. After returning from my journey I spent many months trying to fit back into my old life, but could not. So I changed everything, literally everything. I sold/gave away almost all that I owned, rented then listed my home for sale, went through a divorce, quit my career and left California with my backpack full of gear and a world of opportunities ahead of me. I had no doubt, and still have no doubt, that whatever I put my mind and heart into could be achieved.

I began working as a Guide in Alaska in 2013 leading camping trips across the state and found a  job that I am completely passionate about in a place that takes my breath away. I not only fell in love with Alaska, but also with a hiker that I re-connected with when we unexpectedly bumped into each other while traveling through this enormous state. He and I have been have been adventuring together now since my first summer in Alaska.

I am filled with ideas and dreams yet I avoid making many solid plans. I want be open to all of the possibilities that each moment of each day might bring. I am excited to take new paths, explore new places and find happiness around each turn. I look forward to continuing to experience these moments as they come; to be present, aware and appreciative. I may not know where this life journey will take me, but I am sure that no matter what I will be adventuring always.