Rain and shine


After hiding out in the sun our first day ended with a hike long into the dark, across country to a destination we did not even realize we had reached until we were able to see the spring in the morning light the following day. 

Other than sore blistered feet the hike that next day was wonderful, following along running water through lush canyons filled with cottonwood trees bordered by towering red walls of cliffs that stood high above us. At lunch we rested in the shade of a tree next to the water and watched as thick thunder clouds rolled over the rock formations across the valley. Heavy drops of rain began to fall and winds roared down the canyon bending the trees that we had been sheltering from the sun under just moments before. Thunder rolled above us and lightening flashed in the distance. We scrambled to gather our gear and moved to higher ground to wait out the storm. A couple of hours later the blue skies and sunshine returned and we hiked until almost sundown when we made camp just a mornings hike outside of Moab where we planned to resupply in the morning.