Lazy day by the river

We followed Cottonwood creek until it met with the Paria River and we found our cache hidden in the sage bushes. We carried our goods and our packs across the deep, clear river and set up camp under a grove of trees. The day was warm and I was super excited to be taking the afternoon off near the water. We grubbed down on the foods in our buckets and slurped on cold beers we had buried in the sand. We then took a few more beers down by the water and lounged around in the sun by the rivers edge. As the warm afternoon turned into evening we returned to our camp where Goose did all of our laundry for us using our cache buckets as the washing machine. He even added wild herbs and flowers to the hot water. After laundry he then made us each a hot bath in the buckets which felt amazing. After our baths we snuggled in our sleeping bags to eat dinner and fall asleep happy from a lazy day by the river.