Our final cache

We had to pull ourselves out of bed at 7am, tired from a short nights sleep but needing to get going before the day got too hot. We drank a cup of coffee, stashed our buckets and water up a wash under some large bushes, buried some beer and apple cider under the ground and got back on the road. It was our goal today to finish the remaining six caches and get to Moab so we could start hiking.

The drive in Arizona around the North rim area of the Grand Canyon was gorgeous. After the previous several scorching hot days we were overjoyed at the cooler temperatures and forests of evergreen and deciduous trees. We were quickly finished in the area however and found ourselves back in the heat of the lower lying desert as we made our way back into Utah. We dropped off our last two water caches and then sat under the shade of a large juniper to examine our maps to find an alternate cache location from the previous nights failed attempt. Happily and hopefully we found a possible alternate location approx. 26 trail miles from the original location and we set out in hopes that the dirt road would be passable. When we arrived at the dirt road we found a sign reading, "road temporarily closed". We could not be stopped this easily so we swerved around the sign and decided to see how far we we could go. The road was better than expected and when our GPS said we were only about two miles from our destination we okay to come across the wash out that stopped any further progress...this location was just fine for our cache, we could walk the additional couple of miles to get our food. To further reward our additional miles we buried an entire twelve pack of beer to enjoy by the riverside when we hiked to this pick up location. The sun was just setting for the night and we had just finished our final cache...it was time to go backpacking and we couldn't wait!