Maps and Water

We carried a combination of the Hayduke Trail Guidebook by Joe Mitchell and Mike Coronella and the Hayduke Trail Hiking Resources Bundle by Andrew Skurka.  Both were helpful in planning our caches and resupplies, as well as on trail for route finding and navigation. Most often we referred to the maps in the Bundle and occasionally cross referenced the Guidebook for more detailed info. on landmarks and terrain to help us navigate.

We mainly used maps and compass, but carried a DeLorme inReach which we called our "back up" and used it occasionally to confirm our location with GPS coordinates. The inReach was helpful on many occasions to confirm or deny that we were located where we thought we were on the maps. We also used the inReach to text family when we needed an unexpected package mailed. It was also carried as our emergency beacon device. I am sure it has many great features other than the three basic functions that we utilized, however we still have yet to learn about or use all of the functions that it offers. For the purposes that we wanted, it worked great.

The Hayduke Trail Hiking Resources Bundle provided detailed information on water  sources with an included water chart which has information compiled from several hikers over the course of several years. Next to the maps, we found this information to be the most useful during our journey. However, the water notes provided by hikers were mainly from those who had traveled during the spring season  over five years ago. This had us a little concerned about how applicable this would be to our journey. We found much of the information to be useful, but we also made notes on each of the water sources that we encountered so that we could provide updated information from the fall season. We wanted to provide this information to any future Hayduke hikers so I have compiled these updated Hayduke water notes to share.

The Hayduke Trail was an incredible adventure. The tools and information that we had access to prior to our journey were very helpful in allowing us to travel with ease and enjoyment. We also know that the desert should be regarded with much respect and appreciation as it is a challenging environment, but one that can leave a deep impression in your being.