Another week for another adventure

Another week and the start of another trip. I picked up six new guests this morning, all traveling to Alaska for the first time. As with most groups there is a wide range of ages, back grounds, home countries and more, but the commonality of our upcoming journey together breaks through those differences quickly and conversations came naturally as we spent the afternoon together. 

This trip began with a five hour ferry trip through the Prince William Sound where we watched sea otters floating through icebergs in various shades of blue, dall's porpoises zipped playfully through our wake and while I napped on the upper deck four humpback whales entertained the rest of the group and fulfilled several dreams of seeing whales in the wild. 

Together we dined on a meal I had prepared the night prior (pasta primavera in a light cream sauce, grilled chicken breast, mixed greens with pecans and dried cranberries and garlic bread) and now as I write we are pulling into the Port of Valdez. After a quick beer run we will head to our campground to set up home for the next two days and celebrate one of our campers birthdays, which is today, with sweets by the campfire. I am excited for the upcoming week and look forward to the adventures in Alaska ahead!

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